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The whole idea of fate

Is your destiny really predetermined?

You often hear people say “It must be fate.” Some things, it seems, were definitely meant to be – or not meant to be. I believe there’s got to be something out there, some kind grand scheme of destiny, and this idea plays a central role in my novel The Way Things Fall. I’d love to know if others feel the same way and I’d love to hear your thoughts, your stories.

Here’s one of my own stories:

I met a woman in Cairo who was staying at the same hotel and who shared my love of horseback riding. On the final day of my trip, I called her from the hotel lobby phone and asked if she wanted to join me for one last ride around the pyramids. She said she was too busy packing. As I started to hang up, I heard her shouting my name. She had changed her mind. Would I mind waiting for her in the lobby for ten minutes?

As I waited, a man walked in and sat near me. We started to chat. Of all things, he was carrying a riding crop. It had been thrown in as an extra with something he had just bought at the local bazaar. He gave it to me, on the understanding I would return it later. That man is my husband. We discovered we both lived within an hour of each other in Canada and the rest, as they say, is history. Naturally, we invited Pat, the woman I went riding with, to our wedding.

If she hadn’t changed her mind that day, we would never have met. What could all this have been other than a beautiful twist of Fate? What do you think?