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The love of the desert

What makes a desert so special?

I have been lucky enough to have traveled in many different deserts: the Saharan, the Arabian, the Kalahari, the Namib and others. They are so serene, so peaceful, almost mystical — and, with no light pollution, the desert is the best place to see the night sky. For all these reasons, desert scenery plays a big role in my novel, The Way Things Fall.

Does anyone else out there love the desert? I’d love to know which ones and how they make you feel.

It was my father who sparked this interest. He was in Egypt in World War II and he fell in love with the country and with the people themselves. He spent a lot of time in the desert, learned some of the ways of the Bedouin and developed a deep respect for this culture. He would tell me stories when I was very young and I grew up determined to explore the country for myself. When I finally got there, it was everything I imagined and more. And to top it all off, I met my husband in Cairo!