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Should we worry about Karma?

Is it a force to be reckoned with?

There are many examples of good and bad karma in mythology, in fables, in world history and in everyday life. This ‘endless knot’ of Tibetan Buddhism is often associated with the idea of karma. It is a symbol of how everything we think and do is interwoven and has an impact on everything else. Could karma really be a force to be reckoned with?

If a person does something good or goes out of their way to help, will they one day be rewarded? And what about the reverse? Will bad things always result in some kind of just punishment? Many people feel it’s just a question of luck. They feel too many people get away with wrong doing; too many people manipulate others for their own gain and don’t seem to suffer any consequences. Or do they?

My novel, The Way Things Fall, is based on the belief that karma is very much a factor in our everyday lives and that we can never truly escape the consequences of bad behaviour or cowardly decisions.

How do you feel? Is karma something to be wary of or is it just a fanciful idea? Post your comments below.