About the author

Liz Torlée lived and worked in England and Germany before emigrating to Canada. During her career in advertising and market research, she has had many articles published and has enjoyed public speaking on marketing and social issues. The study of people and what makes them think and act the way they do has been at the heart of Liz’s work throughout her career and this passion is reflected in the three principle characters of her new novel, The Way Things Fall. Her fascination with the idea of predestination what is usually thought of as ‘coincidence’ fuelled the ideas behind it.


Liz has written many short stories and poems but this story was always struggling to get out and she became serious about the possibility of getting it published three years ago. A few critical and encouraging friends and her tough but inspiring writers' group ‘First Page’ helped her immeasurably in making that dream come true. Finally, the discerning eye of Shane Joseph of Blue Denim Press gave the novel a different slant and the final boost it needed.


Liz has always been an avid reader. Some of her favourite books are listed here.

She is fascinated with the night-sky and has been a star-gazer for as long as she can remember. She supports a number of animal welfare organizations - a cause that is dear to her heart. Most of all, she loves exploring the world, and her extensive travel in the Middle East and Italy inspired many of the scenes in the book.


Liz lives with her husband Jürgen in Toronto.  

Liz, with Jürgen, in Rome